How We're Helping Small Businesses Through COVID-19


Due to the unforeseen and unprecedented spread of COVID-19, many of our retail partners have had to shut their doors for the safety of their employees and communities. As you can imagine, this is having great impact on the livelihood of their business and staff.

Indaba’s business was founded on local retailers, and we strongly believe that they are what makes our communities unique, what adds culture to our towns, and what helps build brands like ours. We want to support our local retailers in any way we can, and are implementing a program to help them through this difficult time.

Until May 30th, when you shop on our website, you will have the opportunity to support your favourite local Indaba retailer. During this time, we will credit that store for the purchase made on our website.*

Here is how the program works:

  1. Shop on as usual, then start the checkout process.
  3. During checkout, you will see a section titled “Support My Local Retailer.” Enter the name, city, and province/state of the local Indaba retailer that you want to support (e.g. Local Gift Shop, Vancouver, BC). If your local retailer sent you a code, please enter that in this field instead of the name/city/state.
  4. Complete checkout as usual and we’ll mail them a check with a portion of the profits once the program ends.*

We strongly believe that by coming together as people, communities, and businesses, we can make it through these difficult and uncertain times.

Local businesses are the backbone of our society, and we endeavor to support them as best we can. Thank you for your help and continued devotion to Indaba and our mission.

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Terms & Conditions

*This program will run through 11:59pm EST, May 15th, 2020. After considering the retailer’s traditional wholesale cost from the purchase price of the product, actual costs for shipping, taxes, and merchant fees, retailer payouts will be determined as a percentage of the retail sale. Funds will be delivered to each retailer by the end of May 2020, unless the program is extended. Assignment of funds, if not clear, is fully at the discretion of Indaba’s best judgment and no obligation of payment is legally required in case of dispute. To qualify for a payout, the retailer must be an active Indaba customer defined as a Canada or US-based independent retailer with approximately less than 20 locations that has made at least one purchase from Indaba in 2019 or 2020.

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